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I’ve never grown tired of shopping at LC. Year after year, season after season, I keep coming back, drawn to the handpicked range of extraordinary men’s clothing like a moth to a bright light. I’m regularly astonished at the LC crew’s impeccable ability to source their goods from both established haberdashers (think Kiton, Barbera, John Lobb) and from interesting, niche, and inventive designers that you should be able to find only in small ateliers off a hidden alley in the Marais of Paris, or the meatpacking district of NYC (think Martin Margiela, John Malkovich, and Massimo Bizzocchi). Even though I am delighted when I find the perfect piece from Rag & Bone, Barbera, or Paul Smith, I come back to LC for the service, the friendliness of the staff, and the welcome feeling I get when I walk through the giant glass door into the bright, airy store. Weirdly (or maybe not so), it feels like a cross between a comfortable club and a neighborhood bar. Two good leather chairs stand waiting to slouch into, there’s a slightly scuffed pool table that gets used more to display fabric samples than for pool, and a standing offer of water, espresso, or a tot of Balvenie. Slide into one of the chairs, take a load off your feet, and enjoy shopping as it was meant to be: personal, friendly, and with an attention to detail second to none. I don’t know of a more interesting or finer men’s store anywhere in the US.

- Jay Kenney

When I moved here from NYC in 1996, I found shopping in Denver to be impersonal. Denver did, and often still, seemed a land of big box stores and anonymous malls. Over time in a new place one builds a community, and one cornerstone of that community for me has been Lawrence Covell. Of first blush, this might seem an odd thing to say about a clothing store, but LC is not your run-of-the-mill clothing store. It is a family run business and you are made to feel a part of that family. At LC you are not treated anonymously. Not only will they remember your name but also what you have bought and what your taste and style is. As for taste and selection, LC excels. Here style and distinction are cultivated over popularity and blending in. The fabric and workmanship are held in the highest esteem. This assures you that not only do you look and feel good wearing that new coat when you leave the store, so will you in five or ten years later when you buy a new shirt to go with it!

- Dr. David Cahn

Over the past 45 years, Lawry and Cathy Covell have created trends, spotted unique fashion designs. They have been on the leading edge of discovering new designs, new lines, and new suppliers. From formal to casual, trendy to traditional, the clothing always reflects impeccable taste. The right clothing is backed up by personalized tailoring and attention to detail.

- Tom Fries

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases” Keats wrote those words almost 200 years ago. The same can be said for so many treasures I have gotten from Lawrence Covell… timeless pieces. It’s just a great place to find an impeccable jacket you will wear forever with an amazing scarf, your favorite jeans, or something funky that doesn’t feel like you are trying too hard. ”

- Ann