Did you know that for almost a century (yes, a CENTURY!), the family behind Bontoni has been making men’s custom footwear? In 2004, distant cousins Franco Gazzani and Lewis Cutillo created the label, Bontoni, hoping to preserve their family’s artisanal shoemaking techniques, and bring the highest quality men’s footwear to market. It is rare to find shoes that are made with such care and attention to detail as Bontoni shoes are made with. What’s even rarer? Each pair of shoes is handcrafted—a process that takes over 300 steps! Each style is timeless, luxurious, and unique. Scroll below to browse our selection of Bontoni handmade shoes!


Beldiamente Double Monk - $995

Brera II Brouge Oxford Shoe

Brera II Brouge Oxford - $1295

Whiskey Desert Boot

Whiskey Desert Boots - $1295

Pebble Grain Principe Loafer


Pebble Grain Principe Loafer - $995

Black Carnera

Black Carnera - $1095

Chocolate Pebble Grain Carnera

Chocolate Pebble Grain Carnera - $995